Where to start...For Canadians, poutine is what

tacos are for Mexicans, what pasta and pizza are

for Italians, or what ramens are for Japanese. I could

keep going with examples for ever but I’m sure you

get the point. Not only we find it delicious, but it

also fills us up with pride and excitement, especially

when we’re trying to explain to the rest of the world

what a poutine is. Whether it’s a cold winter day with

temperature reaching -30 degrees celsius or a hot

humid summer day where the life without A/C seems

pointless, a poutine is always enjoyable. A classic

poutine is very simple, there’s only 3 ingredients

(fries, gravy, cheese). Hence the reason why you

need to get the best ingredients in order to have an

amazing final result. I understand it can be tricky to

find good fresh cheese curds outside of the province

of Quebec, the reason why is because cheese curds

should never go in the fridge. Most of the time,

groceries and corner stores will keep the cheese

curds directly on the countertop, close to the cashier.

The second cheese curds hit the fridge, they lose the

only thing that makes them special and loved, their

“Squeakiness”. As much as I don’t encourage buying

powder based sauces, the reality is that, you need a

poutine powder packet in order to make a legitimate

poutine. Adding things to the sauce such as cream,

butter, beef or veal stock or even foie gras is entirely

up to you, but you still need that powder base!

Enjoy a great Canadian classic!!


2 Russet potatoes

500 gr Thick bacon

15 mg Cannabis infused maple syrup

15 mg Cannabis infused butter

1 Powder packet of poutine sauce

2 Packs of cheese curds

3 l vegetable or peanut oil, heated to 325°F



Add your lardons to a pan set

on medium-high heat and fry until

golden brown and delicious, you

might have to discard extra bacon

fat a few times until it becomes crispy.

Deglaze the pan with the maple

syrup but make sure you got rid of

all the fat left at the bottom of the

pan first.

Your bacon should be a nice dark

brown with a glossy glazed finish.


Put cut potatoes into a large bowl

of cold water while oil preheats.

Drain the potatoes well and

carefully place in the hot oil.

Blanch the potatoes until the

bubbling ceases, about 3 minutes.

They will be soft and have no colour.

Drain well on paper towels.

Increase the heat of the oil to 365°F.

Fry the potatoes until they are

deep golden brown and crispy.

Drain on paper towels and

sprinkle with sea salt.


It’s pretty straight forward, just

follow the indications on the packet,

it usually only requires water.

Once your sauce is ready,

add the Cannabis infused butter

and using a whisk, mix thoroughly

until completely emulsified.


Add half the fries to a large bowl,

add half the cheese curds and

than repeat.

Pour the gravy on the top of the

fries and cheese curds but don’t

add too much because you’ll end

up with a soup.

Top with the maple glazed bacon and enjoy!!


terpenes recipes.jpg
terpenes recipes.jpg