Laurent Dagenais

From Montreal



Growing up as a kid, sports had always been

part of the everyday routine. Whether it was

skateboarding after school,football practice

at night or snowboarding on the weekend, I

was always out there searching for the next

way to exhaust myself. Of course, expensing

so much energy would require a premium fuel

supply and for this, I could always count on

my mother to prep some magic in the kitchen.    


Making it somewhat of an everyday tradition,

I was quick to associate dinner with the gathering

of family and friends, a social activity and in some

cases a culinary experience. Safe to say that helping

out in the kitchen paved the way to what is now

my main passion: cooking!


As the years went by, I was subject to different

environments. Shortly after I graduated from

cooking school, I got my first job as a line cook

in a small French bistro called “Les Copains

Gourmands”. From there,I climbed the ranks

working at L’autre Cote De La Saulaie” where

I was exposed to a very strict but talented French

Chef who taught me the ruggedness of the industry.

Subsequently, I landed my first job as a Chef-de-Partie

at Le Local and then Hambar. Finally, I was hired at

Araxi, which is one of the top restaurants in Canada

located in Whistler BC with Chef James Walt.


After a serious fracture of my right wrist, my

days as a chef were put on hold for 5 months.

During these months, I was issued cannabis in

order to help with the pain and mental torture

from the lack of activities. Moreover, it gave

me the time to think about myself, my ambitions

and my future. After a little while, I decided that

I’d go back to Montreal, and start exploring the

possibilities of mixing cannabis and food in order

to create what is now : The Terpenes.


Fast forwarding to the present time, I’ve made

it my social responsibility to not only show people

how to mix cannabis to food, but primarily to educate

the masses on the advantages of proper dosing and

selection of strains. In my opinion, The Terpenes project

is a social experiment with the objective of breaking

the cannabis that can tackle several societal stereotypes.

The stoner days are over, we’ve now entered into the era

of the conscious and sophisticated consumer!